Matter of etiquette

When we eat, especially if we are at the restaurant, we know that there is a precise etiquette to follow and we strive to make a good impression.

But etiquette is not the same for everyone. There are countries like Germany where it is considered of good manners and respect for those who cooked the food cut everything with a fork, others like Chile where we women must sit at the table first as a gesture of education.

All the small or large gestures that we make at the table are a gesture of respect for the diners but you know Country that you go, custom that you find and it is nice to see the different habits that come from the culture, history, the experience of a people and remain unchanged today. In India, for example, it is considered rude to leave something in the dish because everything has to be eaten. This certainly comes from the fact that in India the population is very poor and for a long time it is difficult to put on the table a complete gesture; therefore, it is good to appreciate what you have on the plate and finish everything.

On the contrary, in China it is a good habit to burp after eating the meal, it proves to have appreciated. Even leaving some food in the dish will mean that the cook has served enough food.

In France, however, it is really bad taste to split the bill, you have to wait for other diners to offer to pay and if no one makes him pay out of pocket without announcing it first as a sign of etiquette and good manners.

In the United States you can not drink on the street but only sitting at the tables of bars or restaurants and in some states it is rude to sit down and start eating before the hostess, only then we can sit quietly.

Then dive into a world of different habits and cultures, I leave you a link where you will find these and other curiosities. And if you want to tell me what are the strangest habits you have found at the table.




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