When culture is dangerous

When we think of culture, we think of presentations of books, libraries, museums, exhibitions, … which can be interesting or even a little boring but certainly not dangerous.

Yet even culture is sometimes not easy and in some cases can be even dangerous.

In some countries children face very dangerous and tiring journeys every day to learn, every morning a child wakes up very early, prepares and then is ready to leave. And here begins a journey that seems endless, hours and hours of walking to reach school and then finally begin classes, perhaps the only time of the day when these children are really safe.

And when and lessons end everything starts again, the journey back is there again with all the dangers and anxieties of every day. The mothers can only wait at home, trusting that their children will return home safely while they prepare dinner.

After an exhausting journey at home, some homework and then straight to bed knowing that the next day will be another trip with the sun, the wind, the rain, the snow… And it cannot stop us because often going to school is the only way to escape a fate of poverty and hardship and build a better future.

With us, school is just homework, questions, Christmas performances, end-of-year parties with classmates, class photos… but for these children who live in the poorest countries of the world, going to school is a struggle for survival, a race to get ahead of others in class with the desire to emerge and build a better world.

If we, as children, have often complained about school for too many tasks, The surprise questions… but seeing the difficulties that these children have to suffer all the days almost feel guilty if sometimes we were not bright students and with so much desire to learn.

The link that presents all the trips of these will make you think and move, then prepare the tissues of paper.



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