Calendar of the main exhibitions

Here is a calendar of the main exhibitions, and believe me they really deserve to be seen.

They are in the north, in the center, in the south…. art is everywhere even in the most unexpected places and just waiting to be discovered and admired. Basically seeing an exhibition is like catapulting into the world of the artist or the artists who created the works on display, whether paintings, sculptures, photographs…

Through this calendar, a real dream calendar in my opinion, you will be able to keep up to date on the exhibitions scheduled and you can choose the events closest to you, that interest you the most, that concern your favorite artist.

The site Artribune is also a site dedicated to art where all the works of the greatest artists are explained and analyzed by the greatest experts. It’s a site suitable for students, for enthusiasts, for all those who want to enter the art world and get informed, understand.

You may have noticed that in this article I address both men and women, because art is one of the universal values of life that make our existence a little magical. Art is one of the pleasures of life and we must enjoy it whether it is exhibitions, museums, cultural events in general.

Time devoted to culture is never wasted. And now everyone to see exhibitions and museums.



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