Country you go, habits you find

Every country has its culture, its history, its habits, its traditions, its small and large rituals….

If we think about it, every country has its eating habits, its typical foods, its festivities, which are accompanied by sweets and dishes designed specifically to celebrate the holidays with friends and relatives. Each holiday has its own small and large rituals and it is nice to spend the holidays with loved ones.

Even breakfast has its own specific foods, there are those who prefer it sweet and those who prefer it salty, there are those who drink only a quick coffee and who maybe loves eating delicious cakes and cupcakes. Someone likes to go to the bar, others like to do it at home quietly, and there are also those who cook cakes and delicacies just to start a new day well.

In some countries breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, more than lunch, it is the meal in which the family is gathered and we all talk together about what we intend to do on that day, we rehearse the lessons to go prepared to scula or the University, we talk about work and projects that we have in the working world…

Breakfast can be sweet or salty, it can be gourmet or more homemade, but its history is different and changes a lot from country to country, it reflects the culture, history, the vicissitudes that a people has had to face.

A journey, virtual or real, to discover breakfasts in the world can be a real discovery, a treasure hunt, a true volume of history that tells so much about a people.

In the world there are breakfasts that we do not think and that are equally delicious. And then what seems strange to us for some is normal, for others our breakfast with cappuccino and croissants seems strange.

I leave you a link to completely immerse yourself in the extraordinary variety of breakfasts around us. Let me know in the comments if you have tried a different breakfast, or if you intend to do it.

Enjoy reading and bon appetit!!!!



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