Art in danger

Art is in danger, and as usual it’s our fault.

Yeah, we’re the only real culprits. There’s no denying it.

Climate change wars and some far-sighted urban decisions are putting at risk places of elegance and refinement, full of art and culture, of open-air history books.

Just think of the historic center of Vienna that risks being crushed by new and tall buildings that would distort the natural elegance of the city of waltz, just think of the ancient city of Aleppo that after years of war is likely to disappear, and these are just two examples but there are many more of unique sites in the world under the same conditions.

Unique cities, full of charm, full of history and culture risk disappearing forever and we cannot remain indifferent. We have to do something before it’s too late.

Erasing history means erasing a part of us, it means ignoring the teachings of the past. And we know how serious that is.

We don’t erase culture, we’ll be poorer after. We do not erase history because it is our teacher of life and teaches us not to make the mistakes of the past anymore.

We cannot deprive future generations of the opportunity to admire unique places, a beauty that cannot be described.



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