The return of night trains

Night trains, a bit magical with that vintage touch that distinguished them.

Who has never dreamed of taking one of the most fantastic night trains that have ever existed, the Orient Express?

Who never wanted to travel all night and in the morning wake up in a beautiful European capital?

Well, the night trains are coming back after years of oblivion, years when it was thought that cheap flights would make them disappear forever.

After the virus and the closure we realized that it is better to move in a slower and also healthier way. The journey is exploration, discovery and therefore moving calmly is the best way to enjoy the journey. Peace and quiet, maybe reading a book while from the window pass fantastic landscapes and we are approaching a beautiful European capital, this is the real sense of travel.

Traveling at night and then by day a magic, we are in a beautiful city to visit that welcomes us with typical shops and a little hidden, fantastic food, many things to do and see, exhibitions, museums and cultural events to discover for a great emotion every time.

Night train yes, with that calm and that class that takes us back a bit in time. And no matter where you go, the journey is beautiful just for discovering new places.

Discover the true meaning of travel and enjoy the train rides, the discovery of cities and landscapes and fantastic will leave us speechless.

And you let me know if you’ve traveled on night trains, I can’t wait to read you in the comments.

Have a nice trip!!!



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