Scenic roads

Go by car and see a beautiful view, wonderful views of a pristine landscape. A dream come true.

There are scenic roads in Europe so beautiful that just walking them is already a holiday.

It happens when you walk along streets so you feel at peace with yourself, as free from any stressful thought and with a great desire to live. The beauty is that silks as transported in a magical world where the road and the landscape complement each other, the streets become landscape art and vice versa.

When you go the car on certain roads driving becomes a pleasure, you just want to know new places but no hurry, because no matter where you go but how you go. And on these scenic roads the trip is already a real holiday.

Get lost watching the view and stop when you feel like, nothing better for a carefree holiday. And that’s what we all want, but we never dared to ask.

We have roads in Europe that seem almost enchanted, and a holiday can be a way to discover them calmly. Only the pleasure of walking such a road is worth the trip.

And now that Easter is coming, all in the car to discover landscapes and landscapes that will be in your heart, you will not want to leave.

I leave you a link that can be useful and I wish you all a fantastic Easter.

And of course let me know in the comments if you have already traveled these roads or if you have tried other equally enchanted, I look forward to many.




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