Who has never bought a souvenir during a trip?

Who has not decided to have at least a small memory of a holiday that came particularly well?

That of souvenirs is a world of its own, made of small and large objects that serve to make us dream a little and remember wonderful places and beautiful and relaxing moments even in the days when we are particularly sad or maybe tense for an important meeting, for some business meetings.

And the beauty is that a simple object can make us relive at least for a while the moments of life, the emotions that will be an indelible memory.

There are those who buy glass boules with a small image or a miniature of the place visited, take artistic photographs, buy food and drinks to recreate at home that atmosphere that made her feel particularly happy and carefree, who goes in search of jewels typical of the place, who looks for unique and inimitable furnishing objects… Once there were also pens with images that were very popular but now they are used much less.

Souvenirs are small spaces that open up a world of our own, made of memories and beautiful moments that warm the heart even when we are sad or angry.

My strangest souvenir? A little sombrero bought in Barcelona while I was on a school trip.

And you, do you have a souvenir that is particularly dear to you because maybe it reminds you of a place where you have been really good, a holiday with people to whom you are very close? If you want to write it in the comments, it will be a pleasure to read.

And in the meantime I leave you a link with all, or almost all, the most bought and loved souvenirs by tourists in various countries.


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