Art is everywhere

That may sound strange, but it’s true.

Foreword, not all of us can be so lucky to discover that we have in our house a fundamental work to reconstruct the history of our country. And obviously not all of us live in a house that can have a certain historical value.

But the Norwegian Grete Margot Sơrum while cleaning her parents’ basement found a real Viking treasure.

Iron ingots from the Viking or Early Middle Ages were found that are fundamental to better understand the history of the Viking people, who traded and moved in search of new lands to expand their influence, to have new territories to cultivate.

The story of the Vikings often blends with the legend, and in fact the movies and TV series inspired by the Nordic sagas are having a great success, and anything that can make a little bit of clarity about a story for some dark and mysterious traits is welcome.

What happened in Norway shows that sometimes we really have art and history at home only we don’t notice. As I said before it is not always so but sometimes art is close to us and just waiting for the opportunity to be rediscovered and valued as it deserves.

Surely none of you can know that in some dusty attic or some basement hidden between boxes and old furniture there are real treasures that for a long time, too long wait to be rediscovered and maybe they can rewrite pages of the history of our country.

And so strength, all to look in the most unexpected corners of our house because maybe we have a treasure and we do not know.

If among you readers there is someone who maybe for work or by chance has discovered something historical write it in the comments, I can not wait to read them.


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