Metropolitan towers

On vacation? Yes but in the city and on the towers.

But is it possible to see wonderful landscapes and enjoy beautiful moments in a city, European capital?

There are beautiful cities with very high towers from which you can enjoy a really beautiful view. After all, climbing a tower means exploring, seeing, knowing the life of a people and its whole history.

All the towers tell us about history, culture, they fascinate us for their height and for all the secrets they contain, for everything they represent. We feel the towers as a challenge, as we push our limits and climb our anxieties and fears.

To climb a tower means to go beyond one’s anxieties, to go beyond that which frightens us. Climbing a tower means exploring a people and its traditions, its culture.

Combine vacation, fight their fears and culture by going on a tower, see the wonderful landscapes and immerse yourself in the history, traditions of a people.

After all, those who built the towers did it to defend themselves, to keep their treasures safe in full respect of the culture and traditions of a people who faced history with everything that happened to the best of their ability, to the best of his knowledge.

I like it when I can visit towers and viewpoints and stop to admire fantastic landscapes, of those that remain in your heart and enrich you.

Tell me if you want what were the towers that you visited and that impressed you for the beauty of the landscape, for the history. I can’t wait to read your comments.



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