Salone del libro is coming

We are in the finishing line, the Salone del libro is ready to excite you and involve you with all the latest editorial news and more.

What you can see at the book fair is impossible to describe in a few words because you can not reduce everything to a simple list of events, it is too simplistic but I will try to be as comprehensive as possible.

There will be events, new book presentations, a story of all the latest editorial news, workshops for all tastes that will range from fantasy to cooking ( yes, there are also cookbooks with a myriad of recipes to try), from culture to current events, seminars and conferences on the most diverse topics and much, much more.

Of course children and young people will have their own spaces and there will be specially dedicated areas, because the point of view of the new generations is important, they are the generations of tolerance, inclusion, the great fear for the future and for climate change.

Going to the Book Fair means immersing yourself in a magical world, letting yourself be carried away by a thousand stories, living endless lives in different and fantastic places.

Reading is just that, putting yourself in the shoes of characters always different and living their lives for a while, projecting on others anxieties and sufferings. Living in a world of paper, thinking about something else and moving away from reality helps, it helps to see everything in the right perspective, with new eyes.

And let’s face it, going to see and browse books is really wonderful, there is nothing better to spend some time in an educational and relaxing way.

So what are you waiting for, all at the Salone del libro!!!!

And if you want to tell me your favorite book, I can’t wait to read you in the comments.



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