If this is a child

If this is a child… They are so many, too many, the forced children to enter the army and to make the war. They are not children anymore and they cry because of all the errors that are forced to see. There is no comment, the images already say everything

Justice for the Little Asifa

The little girl in the photo was called Asifa and was only 8 years old when she was brutally raped and killed. Asifa lived in India, a country sadly known for being one of the states where the greatest number of violence against women is taking place globally. In January the little Muslim was abducted … More Justice for the Little Asifa


Children in war

When it comes to war we talk about tactics, military strategy, general moves but few times we think of the effects of a conflict on the civilian population. In particular children suffer more than all the effects of war, frightened, forced to leave home and school, without parents, without a guide that addresses them to … More Children in war

School starts for the young refugees in Greece

In twenty schools throughout Greece today is a special day: school starts also for small refugees who were forced to interrupt his studies to leave their country plagued by war, hunger and famine and after a long journey they arrived resorts around Greece with the hope of beginning a new life. There are about 1500 … More School starts for the young refugees in Greece