Justice for the Little Asifa

The little girl in the photo was called Asifa and was only 8 years old when she was brutally raped and killed. Asifa lived in India, a country sadly known for being one of the states where the greatest number of violence against women is taking place globally.

In January the little Muslim was abducted by Hindu extremists and never returned home, when it turned out what had happened was too late to save her life. The fight against violence against women in India goes on only thanks to voluntary associations that are spent in the first person to protect all women from the many, too many aggressions that take place in the Asian country but the central government still seems To make ears from Mercs in front of the screams of the many women who are abused every day in India.

The controversy also flared up on social because the Government of the state of Uttar Pradesh where the little Asifa lived last year would try to cover up another rape, from a local leader of the Bjp government party and from his brother to the damage of a young woman of 17 Ann I, attracted by the deception of a work proposition.

Groups called #StopSheldingRapists, #Khatua and #JusticeForAshifa were also born on Twitter.

We must continue to fight against violence against women because today we are all a little ‘ Asif ‘ and we must no longer allow such atrocities to happen.

A common cry: stop violence against women!!!



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