School starts for the young refugees in Greece


In twenty schools throughout Greece today is a special day: school starts also for small refugees who were forced to interrupt his studies to leave their country plagued by war, hunger and famine and after a long journey they arrived resorts around Greece with the hope of beginning a new life.
There are about 1500 children who today finally return to normal between small talk with classmates, lectures, study, homework and recreation; for them it means return to that carefree childhood that war destroyed in their home countries and who thought lost forever. The new pupils were accompanied by their parents and by the teachers of non-governmental organisations who have welcomed and follow them in camps; each of them was given a backpack with the necessary educational materials.
At the beginning there were the presentations and the first contacts with new classmates, and after a moment of shyness all pupils are entered in the classroom talking and holding hands as if they knew each other forever, with the simplicity and spontaneity that belongs only to the kids. By now everyone is ready to start a new life and for sure there will be new friends and new experiences for both the young Greeks and small come from far away, from those countries in which war, hunger and famine have made life impossible.
The innocent look and at the same time penetrating and lively children knows how to go beyond appearances beyond stereotypes of adults and if there is the cooperation of all the school year that has just begun will really be a year of great teachings and Exchange; come into contact with a new and different culture will grow smaller with a more open mentality and against any discrimination,


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