What is the end of unaccompanied minors?

According to the latest estimates of UNICEF, the UN organization that deals with childhood, would be at least 300000 unaccompanied minors who try the long and dangerous journey of migration to chase the vain hope of a better future.  According to UNICEF managers, this estimate could only be the tip of the iceberg: once landed in the Italian and Greek ports of many of these children are lost forever the traces and no one knows where and with whom they end.
The luckiest are welcomed into family homes where they are guaranteed a warm meal, a bed to rest and psychological and medical assistance; They are vaccinated and sent to school to receive appropriate education and can also participate in various activities such as language courses, repetitions and help tasks and sports. Unfortunately the cases like these of healthy reception and integration and institutionalized are the minority because most of the baby refugees disappear into nowhere.
Most of them end up in the network of criminal organizations that exploit them for prostitution and pedophilia, other times are routed on the way of crime starting with petty crimes and then getting to the most serious facts. They are especially the girls and children to pay the highest price: For them life turns into a real hell made of abuse and violence and are forced to prostitution for our streets.
For males, things do not go better: It begins for them a working life in black, exploited by the caporali that put them hours and hours under the scorching sun in the fields to collect fruits and vegetables without any rights and without the possibility of rebelling.
The best thing to do to decrease the number of these unaccompanied minors is to help their families directly in the countries of origin to prevent their parents from sending their children abroad with the vain hope of giving them a better future.


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