Everything depends on the fireflies

Everything depends on the fireflies.

Yes, those small insects that in the summer evenings, in the areas far from the traffic, emit a faint light signal.

We have always underestimated fireflies, thought that they were of no use, we have almost eliminated them with pesticides and chemical fertilizers, but the reality of these small insects are extremely important.

They are our sentinels against pollution, they are able to protect us from contact with dangerous terrain. Just observe and you immediately understand everything. If there are, it means that the environment is clean, if we do not see them is the first sign that something is wrong, too much pollution.

Once they were present in the parks, in the countryside, in all the wooded areas and it was a spectacle to see them. Unfortunately, in recent years the pollution is erasing them and we lose a unique and rare species, a sentinel against climate change, a friend to whom to confide our dreams and our desires on a hot summer evening.

Even a small insect can be very valuable against climate change, biodiversity is just that and is essential for the survival of our planet. Little fireflies who have the responsibility of reporting the environmental problems of an entire planet, let’s not erase them but help them regain their natural environment. It is our planet that is asking us before it is too late.



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