Against the mafia

In these difficult days we must never forget that many people have struggled, and are still struggling, to make us live in a world where crime, threats are just a bad memory. This is exactly what the victims of the Mafia who gave their lives to make us live in safer places did. Not to denounce … More Against the mafia

Forza Venezia!!!

Venice, beautiful city and also very delicate. After so much neglect and so much offense he is now on his knees. Everything has gone underwater and many shopkeepers can no longer get up, people are crying their eyes out in front of what were their homes until Tuesday. Faced with so much destruction, with the … More Forza Venezia!!!


The new law on self-defense has passed, and once approved it promises some novelty. If on the one hand there are those who rejoice because finally they will be able to defend themselves calmly in case of aggression or theft, on the other there are those who fear that can create a real do west … More Self-defence