The alarming growth of bullying

In recent days the Italian schools have been prey to bullying episodes that define alarming is still little; Hard videos of innocent and naïve girls made to turn among classmates with the sole purpose of mocking them, professors attacked and threatened with brutality and violence worthy of the worst criminals hardened, girls who commit suicide for the shame of having Suffered intolerable incidents of violence.

There have always been teasing bonarie and jokes among friends but bullying is not a joke and even the tricks around there is a limit, limit that has been passed in the last few days by young people without any sense of duty and responsibility. Classmates and the inmates are people with feelings and dreams, like all of us, and violent mocks and videos slammed on the net can not be tolerated. To commit suicide to a classmate, make him feel inadequate and out of place, threaten the inmates, are all behaviors that should be punished with all possible severity, and it does not matter if the perpetrators are underage.

Little boys who allow themselves to hurt their professors just because they have been scolded or have received a bad vote should not exist; The punishments, those series, should be a deterrent to bring back in vogue that sense of respect that now seems to have lost. The school and the families should teach that when you are in school you have to follow a correct behavior and engage and that the good marks are won by the study and not by threats and violence. The sense of duty and respect are fundamental to building a life based on healthy principles and values and not on the law of the fittest and on the prevarication of those who are weaker and more helpless.

Perhaps to permanently eradicate bullying from the classroom should really go back to that model of school that in the past formed the character and besides the normal subjects also taught the sense of education in the relationship with others…



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