The massacre of Viareggio ten years later

Ten years have passed since the massacre in Viareggio, and it is hoped that the perpetrators will be brought to justice. The victims’ relatives are clamoring to renounce the cassation and accept what is the sentence.

After 10 years the massacre of Viareggio still hurts, very badly, and the few survivors still have on their body all the scars of that terrible tragedy. There are no more tears, only a great desire for justice because it is time that those responsible pay for what they have done, until the last.

The only employee of RFI ( Italian railway network) who tried to really explain what happened was fired for infidelity, but his did not want to be an unfaithful behavior, It just wanted to be a human gesture to people who had already suffered so much. Between cross-accusations and silence they serve to cover up the real perpetrators and the real causes of the massacre and in the meantime 10 years have passed and the victims and survivors have still not received justice….

Justice, the true one with a capital G, is the one that puts those responsible with their backs to the wall, the one that seeks and finds the responsible and their faults, the one that is not corrupted by anyone… This is the justice that the victims of the massacre in Viareggio lack.



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