Goodbye thoughtlessness

Our thoughtlessness, the joy of Christmas, the pleasure of making a gift to the people dearest to us, everything is permanently set. International terrorism is back on us like the sword of Damocles and reminds us that terrorism is an insidious enemy that strikes when we least expect it and aim to do as much … More Goodbye thoughtlessness


Nice a year later

An exact year from the massacre today in Nice remains and will remain for ever only the memory of those 86 people who have turned into whites in the angels, people who were having fun watching the fireworks on a festive day. These people and their families must go to our thoughts today and also … More Nice a year later

War of nerves on Syria

In the night the United States attacked with 59 missiles the Syrian base from where would leave the deadly nerve gas attack that claimed more than 80 civilians, including many women with their children, in the town of Idlib. This is the first attack in Syria and arrived at Trump Administration just hours after the United … More War of nerves on Syria