A year of war

A year of war in Ukraine. A year of terror, a year of sorrow and bewilderment. We never thought a year ago to see weapons again in the heart of Europe. We thought that with the end of World War II such a thing would never be repeated, instead we are witnessing scenes of pain, … More A year of war

Against the war

The day the power of love will overcome the love of power… the world will discover peace. Mahatma Gandhi. Good morning May this little phrase of Mahatma Gandhi inspire all those who at this moment are fighting for their freedom, for their independence, for their children and grandchildren. It is 2022 and we can no … More Against the war

If this is a child

If this is a child… They are so many, too many, the forced children to enter the army and to make the war. They are not children anymore and they cry because of all the errors that are forced to see. There is no comment, the images already say everything

Children in war

When it comes to war we talk about tactics, military strategy, general moves but few times we think of the effects of a conflict on the civilian population. In particular children suffer more than all the effects of war, frightened, forced to leave home and school, without parents, without a guide that addresses them to … More Children in war

No respite for Aleppo

China and Russia vetoed United Nations Security Council resolution that would ensure a full week total ceasefire to Aleppo to allow rescuers to provide appropriate care to the civilian population. The draft resolution of the truce had been proposed by the United States and was under consideration by the United Nations for several weeks before … More No respite for Aleppo

The war also takes away the game to children of Aleppo

The guy in the picture was called Anas Al–Basha and worked as a volunteer worker in Aleppo to try to return the smile to many children and young people that this war has taken everything: the House, the games, their hopes for the future, dreams and often even parents. Anas had recently founded an NGO, … More The war also takes away the game to children of Aleppo

New cold war between the United States and Russia

The last few days have been a succession of banter to poison and demonstrative actions by United States and Russia, and the sinking of the fragile truce in Syria and the decision of Moscow to break all relations with Washington has fueled even more tension. On the border between the territory of the Atlantic Alliance … More New cold war between the United States and Russia