Change of strategy in Syria

With the arrival of Donald Trump at the White House the American strategy in Syria is changing and emerging new alliances that only last year seemed impossible.
For the first time since the outbreak of the conflict in 2011, the military statunitnesi will be sent to Syria with the specific task of eliminating once and for all the militiamen in black of the self-styled Islamic State and thus restore peace in the strife-torn Middle Eastern country. The United States put boots on the ground then Trump in order to combat and eliminate international terrorism at its roots that many victims claimed to date.
The Obama administration policy had been prudent and the U.S. military sent in Syria were few and with the sole task of trainers and coordinators, had never taken part in the fighting anti ISIS at the forefront. Donald Trump from the start of his election campaign promised he would change through military force the fortunes of war in Syria; its first decisions involved the implementation of number of soldiers present in Syrian territory and the change of role of the United States.
The recent meetings between military commanders of Russia, United States and Turkey show that the strategy has really changed, just as promised from Trump: more relaxed relations with Putin’s Russia have led to a new alliance between the two countries that are cooperating for the conquest of the city more important than self-styled Islamic State, Raqqa.
If this new Alliance will be stable and if Russia and United States will put aside their historic rivalry, these days we might be able to attend the final defeat of the self-styled Caliphate. The more aggressive strategy of Trump seems to mean: prepare for war to maintain peace and that contrasts sharply to the previous Administration’s guarded approach and cautious.
Elle us special forces men and women who work with the Russians and the Turks for the defeat of terrorism represent unusual scenario for the Syrian conflict and if this will lead to the end of the ISIS will mean that Trump was right despite the many criticism of his foreign policy program.


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