The war also takes away the game to children of Aleppo


The guy in the picture was called Anas AlBasha and worked as a volunteer worker in Aleppo to try to return the smile to many children and young people that this war has taken everything: the House, the games, their hopes for the future, dreams and often even parents.
Anas had recently founded an NGO, Space for Hope, which runs 12 schools and 4 centres for psychological and social support for about 365 children orphaned by one or both parents who find in foster homes a safe place to continue playing and studying to build the future of Syria when the war is over. Children guests of colleges and centres of aggregation of Space for Hope can get together and overcome the trauma and the horrors suffered by the support of psychologists and educators are highly specialized; they are also protected from exploitation and pedophilia.
Now that the young Anas, married for only two months, was snatched from life by a bomb for what he regarded as his children don’t even more opportunities to play and to smile: the funny clown disguise that the young volunteer used to give her children a bit of happiness in spite of incessant fights was stained by the blood , from dust and from grenades and small moments of joy that was tied are gone forever.
Children and young people of Aleppo, the war has taken everything from me, even those few minutes of leisure where they could go back to being as all their peers around the world, free and carefree, can dream of a better future for their lands. With Anas is off even a little human warmth that still existed in Syria, and for chilfren life, if it is possible, has become even harder and full of unknowns.




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