No respite for Aleppo


China and Russia vetoed United Nations Security Council resolution that would ensure a full week total ceasefire to Aleppo to allow rescuers to provide appropriate care to the civilian population.
The draft resolution of the truce had been proposed by the United States and was under consideration by the United Nations for several weeks before being brought to the attention of the Security Council: everyone expected its approval but the last two key countries like Russia and China have decided to put their veto.
The Russian Ambassador to the UN Headquarters has explained his decision: As we all know well that kind of truces were often exploited by fighters for resupply of arms and ammunition and to consolidate positions. And this would only aggravate the suffering of the civilian population . On the other hand was also reaffirmed Russia‘s willingness to cooperate with the United States to end the war.
The United States have instead accused Russia and China not to think about the welfare of the civilian population still trapped in Aleppo between bombs and snipers, but only to their geopolitical and strategic interests. The Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations said: “Russia said it is close to reaching an agreement with the United States to find a solution to the plight of Aleppo East and States that this resolution will harm the negotiations. This is a baseless excuse. We did not reach any kind of agreement with Russia, which has been too focused on trying to safeguard their military conquests rather than on the aid to be given to the civilian population of Aleppo .
For now in Aleppo civilians still trapped in the city in the middle of the fighting continue to lose their life under the bombs, because of snipers or bombings of the self-styled Islamic State; in the city lacks everything, even the basic necessities like food and medicine, and there are many children who suffer of serious nutritional deficiencies. Hospitals are bombed and in recent days two voluntary nurses lost their lives while some patients treated in a military hospital.


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