Global Women’s Forum 2016


Two days full of meetings, this was the Global Women’s Forum in Dubai, the first real occasion when we  talked about the role of women in society in a Middle Eastern country.

The issues touched were many and all conferences and meetings were always crowded by women both young and old, a sign that even in the Middle East women are changing and they no longer accept to be only wives and mothers, but they want to empower themselves and build their future by themselves. In many, too many countries women are still heavily discriminated against and are denied even the most basic human rights; too many are still even in cases of forced marriages and genital mutilation.

The purpose of the Global Women’s Forum is to sensitize the general public on all the work still to be done to ensure women equal rights and to create an all-female network of women who help each other overcome obstacles they encounter in life. Yesterday, the last day, there was talk of the difficulty of being mothers in disadvantaged backgrounds, education and innovation, giving much emphasis to all those women who occupy a prominent place in the scientific and technological research.

The projects for sustainable energy have played a major role during the two days of the forum and especially appreciated some studies concerning the marriage between sport and energy production.

The guests were more than 2000 and among them were all strong women who are working to make a better future for our planet, as Queen Rania of Jordan and Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund.

Women of the Middle East are fully aware that the region of the world they live in is in a time of great difficulty because of terrorism and war, but does not want to surrender and struggling as never before to silence the weapons and finally return beauty and dignity to their ravaged territories. Some of them said  proudly: “We may not be able to stop the war, but we can curb it with good economic policies that delete inequalities. We are bearers of peace and we want to assert ourselves through innovation and scientific expertise”. .



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