Missile shield in Europe: a new cold war?


Yesterday was officially inaugurated in the town of Deveselu, in Romania, wanted by NATO a missile shield to protect Europe from any conventional or nuclear missiles launched by a hostile power such as North Korea.

The shield is based on the anti-missile devices installed on u.s. warships on patrol in the seas around the world and on some devices like the THAAD and the Patriot always available., very technological and can be used anywhere in a matter of seconds.

The Romanian is a key part of a global shield that should make it possible to avoid missile attacks against the United States and Europe and above all should act as a deterrent and to limit the military ambitions of countries considered unstable and unreliable such as Iran and North Korea cited.

The Russian Federation does not see frowned upon installing this defense system and a few steps from its territory, in those countries that once were part of the Soviet Union, but fears that they are just the beginning of a new NATO expansion to the East to Moscow would mean a unwarranted interference of the United States and its allies right in its own backyard.

For the Government of Moscow is indispensable and vital to have close to its borders buffer States that somehow clearly regarded as its sphere of influence and act as a deterrent in case of a possible attack by a hostile country.

Since two years ago, Russia annexed Crimea at its territory  and its relations with the United States are cracked and it has created a climate of suspicion and mutual distrust which leads automatically to consider every action as hostile and double purpose. According to the Russians, in fact, the missile shield in Europe’s security is only a mask because the Mk 41 Launcher installed on land can also be used to launch nuclear cruise missiles that can have a range of over 500 kilometers and not just the interceptor missiles that would be used by the shield in case of attack.

Never before in the last two years the climate that reigns in Washington and Moscow appears to back one of the cold war, when the two powers are challenged showing everyone their weapons more sophisticated and increasingly lethal model.

The Russian Goverment fears that the new missile system will in the long run weaken the capability of offense of its nuclear arsenal and expose it as a possible first strike; the United States claimed that the new system will be used only in an emergency and that aims only to limit the war potential unstable States in possession of nuclear weapons.





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