Forgotten wars: Democratic Republic of Congo


Traditional media do not talk about ever but in the Democratic Republic of Congo is being wasted years a civil war that could become a genocide of enormous size, and everything almost total indifference of the international community and world public opinion.

In the eastern regions of the Central African country, North Kivu, South Kivu and Katanga, the civilian population has been experiencing for a long time a nightmare made of burnt villages, violence against women and children, lack of all kinds of commodities, poverty, hunger and extreme poverty. At least 50000 people in these areas have been forced to leave their homes and take shelter in refugee camps, overcrowded and unhealthy, but even here there is no security because the fighting between the various armed factions continue and not stop at nothing.

Even in the camps there are every day  violence and abuses against the weakest and there are also many abused children can no longer go to school and study to get a better future; There are many women who experience violence and are forced into early marriages too.

Currently in the Democratic Republic of the Congo there are various armed militias, all very dangerous, including the FDLR (democratic forces for the liberation of Rwanda) of ethnic Hut, Ugandan islamist of the ADF/NALU  (Allied Democratic Forces), the  Congolese for democracy-Kisangani/Liberation Movement (RCD-K/ML) and others.

These are just some of the most dangerous militias, but there are many more and they all want to get a monopoly on illegal trafficking of arms, drugs, human trafficking and of precious metals because the large Central African State is very rich in natural resources. Particularly in the region of South Kivu there are huge deposits of gold, diamonds, Tin, cobalt, copper, bauxite and, above all, of coltan, a mineral that is widely used to improve the performance of laptops, tablets and smartphones, and for this reason it is highly demanded by high technology industries.

While the international community seems not to notice anything about the massacre of innocent civilians continues and it is estimated that between October 2014 and June 2016 1100 people were killed, while those kidnapped were 1500.




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