The first casualty of the battle on Brexit


The woman in the photo is Jo Cox, British Labour Party mp stabbed near his Office in Birstall, Yorkshire by a 52-year-old man who attacked as soon as she stepped onto the road.

The Congresswoman was engaged in the campaign in favour of the United Kingdom in the European Union; He was also very active in volunteer work for women and children, was convinced that immigration was an asset to his country and was a convinced pacifist. You can tell that she is the first victim of the crash on the Brexit: differences between those who want to stay and those who want to leave the European Union are increasingly evident in the tone of the Bell are very bright, the referendum two positions are truly irreconcilable.

The two sides do not spare criticism and challenges each other and more referendum date approaches, the more the tension mounts, until you get to the point of taking away the life of a person, mother of two children. The dissatisfaction of many British citizens towards the European Union is very high and there are more and more clashes between violent fringes of the two sides.

Jo‘s attacker would have cried Britain first before rage on her, and Britain first is also the name of an organization in favour of Brexit that you are working hard ahead of the referendum. Of course, the man who attacked Jo might also be a lunatic, but it could also be a symptom of all those who not only in Britain but throughout the old continent, they mean enough to a Europe which seems too distant from the real problems of our citizens.

Today the campaign stop in honor of Jo, and hopefully this fact very serious provoking everyone and helps to regain the calm, serenity and respect for everyone’s ideas.




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