Terrorism in the Caucasus and the attack in Istanbul


The terrorists who on Tuesday ravaged Istanbul Airport were from the Caucasus and former Soviet republics: their passports were found and it was clarified that came from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Republic of Dagestan.

The Caucasus has always been a very unstable region where the propaganda of the self-styled Islamic State has easy grip, especially on the younger population; There are many Soviet Caucasian and former terrorists who had joined the Caliphate in Syria and in Iraq. The many problems of political instability and a very fragile economy, in addition to the massive popularity of independence movements in regions such as Dagestan, have certainly had a key role in the accession of many radical Islamist movements.

Just think that many militiamen who now fight in the ranks of the Caliphate in warm areas of the planet come from areas such as Chechnya, in which there is a great willingness to complete independence from Moscow, where in the past there have been many attacks on the Russian Central Government representatives. All this, coupled with the fact that the population is in majority of Islamic religion with sympathies for the more radical ideas, meant that many young people are easily convinced by propaganda to join Islamist fighters.

States such as Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan and other former Soviet republics have had many economic and territorial restructuring problems after disconnecting from the USSR and even today its economy is closely linked to Russia’s, so much so that trade these countries depend on Moscow in many areas.

To get an idea of how widespread the Islamic radicalism just think that the 13 may 2oo5, violent protests occurred in the city of Andijan, Uzbekistan, due to a vast anti-terrorist operation in which 23 people were arrested on suspicion of being supporters of the Islamists and to plan attacks. The military Uzbeks found themselves in front of a crowd who were demonstrating against the arrests and to put down the rebellion exploded some gunshots that did 9 victims. The demonstrators took 30 people hostage in retaliation, while in the capital Tashkent, a suspected suicide bomber was dropped in front of the Embassy of Israel.


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