Germany under attack

In recent days the Germany was for four times in the sights of unbalanced who attacked public places very crowded in ways very similar to those of the attacks by jihadist array; in three cases out of four authors of the massacres were very young asylum seekers with serious problems of integration into German society. … More Germany under attack

Terrorism in the Caucasus and the attack in Istanbul

The terrorists who on Tuesday ravaged Istanbul Airport were from the Caucasus and former Soviet republics: their passports were found and it was clarified that came from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Republic of Dagestan. The Caucasus has always been a very unstable region where the propaganda of the self-styled Islamic State has easy grip, … More Terrorism in the Caucasus and the attack in Istanbul

ISIS, global threat

Double terrorist attack on Tuesday morning in Brussels, as well as the terrible attacks that on 13 November bloodied Paris, proved once more that the ISIS is a global threat. The militiamen of the Caliphate have created a real global network of terrorists that are only intended to attack where and when we least expect … More ISIS, global threat