When the jihadists come from good families


These guys posing smiling faces are jihadists who have transformed the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, in a living hell of terror and destruction; heavily armed raided a popular restaurant and have sown panic before brutally hammering away on the local Diners. At that time, the 21:00 local time, the restaurant was full, and the guests were mostly foreigners, businessmen and diplomats, who knew almost everyone and worked for some time in Bangladesh.
For Islamists foreigners are absolute evil to be fought by all means, because with Western customs  they corrupts true Muslims and turn them away from the true religion; but even the most open and tolerant Muslims are being targeted because they are considered traitors of the real Islam and why in Dhaka killed three young people of Islamic religion guilty of dressing too Western and have chosen to study in the United States.
In this case the terrorists weren’t poor and impaired boys, but young rich people who had access to better schools and attended the best University in Bangladesh; one of them was the son of a prominent politician in the Government. The components of the commando are passed from pool parties and Islamist ideology in the best places in no time and they were all runaways. It think it was a very well known University Professor in Bangladesh to plagiarize the five young and convert them to more radical ideas.
Even the idea of jihadi as poor, unemployed and with serious problems has now waned and that means anyone can come into contact with the ideas of radical Islam, even wealthy young with a comfortable life, and therefore the fight against international terrorism must continue even more intensively and we cannot be complacent.

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