Bloody holiday


These days I am in Cote d’Azur for a short vacation and I never have thought that summer and joyful atmosphere was soon marred by news of the attack which has heavily bloodied Nice, during the July 14 French national Holiday.

This morning everything was almost surreal, dramatically silent and enveloped in a pall of sadness, grief and anger at the more than 80 innocent victims, so many kids playing carefree and admired the fireworks. More than 100 are injured, many serious who are struggling for life and do not want to surrender without a fight.

It is hoped that this new massacre that he touched France and around the world who does not want to stoop to dirty terrorist blackmail is a spur to take finally a serious and shared, anti terrorism strategy that manages to eliminate once and for all the threat of international terrorism. Greater collaboration and cooperation between the security forces and intelligence, combined with a more vigorous and aggressive new strategy against terrorism maybe are the only weapons we have to fight against those who sow terror and destruction and not even stop in front of women and children.

The only thing we can do all of us is not to give up our daily lives, to the pleasure of going out with friends and to make a beautiful travel.

With the hope that such carnage do not happen ever again, a prayer for the victims, the injured and their families.

Valeria Fraquelli founder and admin of this  Internet site



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