What really happened in Texas


Sunday morning I gave the news of a shooting at Texas, in Austin. But what really happened that night? A man fully armed with heavy guns began to fire wildly in the nightclubs which at that time was very busy and panic immediately set off the general scramble with all the people escaped and ran in every direction to get to safety.
A 30-year-old woman, who was also her running away, she lost her life reached by one of the bullets of the aggressor, while five other people were injured. It is not clear what the killer after the arrival of law enforcement; It seems to have escaped and have tracked down shortly after agents with whom he also engaged a long firefight.
The motive for what could turn into a real carnage is still unknown, but the facts of Austin have reignited the debate on weapons easy in the United States. For a long time discussing how easy it is in the United States to buy a firearm, even heavy gauge, and bring it in public places more crowded. President Obama wants Congress to approve a new law that would make it much harder to buy and hold firearms; the Republicans and the powerful National Rifle Association oppose and invoke the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States that grants anyone the right to self-defence.
Meanwhile, the Governor of Texas today gave the green light to arms, both firearms and knives, even within University campuses: a measure to ensure students to defend in the event of armed aggression even within universities and already is raging controversy between those who are conducive to arms always and instead would take strict limits.

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