Those Lone Wolves who are scary

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A new episode of violence casts panic a European capital: a Norwegian of Somali origin shouting nonsensical rambling and stabbed several passers-by in Central London, Russell Square, close to the famous British Museum. The same square had already been heavily bloodied Islamic attacks that the July 7, 2005 caused many casualties and many wounded. It seems crazy gesture is due to mental disorders and severe mental problems that the stabber was suffering for a long time, but has not yet completely ruled out the track of Islamic terrorism. A fragile mind is easily conditionable propaganda jihadsita on the Internet and it is possible that the young stabber, a boy of only 19 years old, has entered into contact with Islamist militants or have attended jihadist sites and forums; violent images may have made him an unhealthy desire for emulation.
Also last December, again in London, a man had been stabbed while waiting for the bus at the stop in a central district of the British capital; in which case the bomber was a lone wolf who had been conditioned and led to violence by the propaganda of the self-styled Islamic State on the web.
In recent months are many lone bombers in Europe driven by alcohol, drugs, mental problems and attracted by the propaganda of the self-styled Caliphate are responsible of attacks without any sense in crowded places. It is the Lone Wolves who are most afraid of and hamper the work of law enforcement: the attackers alone, especially with a history of mental problems behind them, are the most difficult to control and unpredictable because no one can understand what is in their mind and often there are no warning signs because radicalization happens very quickly.
The Lone Wolves of international terrorism are much more afraid of an organized attack because nobody can ever really control them and because they hide easily in the crowd of big cities to attack when and where we least expect it.
Solo attacks are the new strategy of jihadist terrorism police and intelligence forces and all that remains is to take adequate measures.


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