New walls in Europe


Yesterday the Government of the United Kingdom announced that it will build, with the approval of the authorities of Paris, near the port of the French town of Calais a high  and concrete smooth wall to prevent the entry into British territory to the many refugees who each day try to reach Britain.

The encampment of Calais has become huge and is nicknamed “the jungle” because of the disorder that prevails in every corner. French and British authorities it is very difficult to control who gets in and who comes from the slums and there are so many of those who try to hide in trucks to enter illegally into the United Kingdom. Just to put an end to all this the London Government had the idea of the wall, a huge new wall dividing Europe within itself.

That English is not the only wall that was built in Europe since the immigration emergency: in many States, especially in Eastern Europe have sprung up walls and barriers with the specific intention of preventing access to migrants, and in many cases it is not a matter of pure racism or xenophobia, but by fear of losing their national identity and of failing to preserve customs and traditions typical of those lands.

Let’s see what other walls in Europe:

wall with barbed wire between Hungary and Serbia: built by the Hungarian Government of Victor Orban to close the so-called Balkan route that was widely used by migrants fleeing the warring States of the Middle East as Syria and Iraq. To supervise the wall there are more than 3000 policemen and servicemen.

wall between Italy and Austria at the Brenner pass: for now the barrier on the border between Italy and Austria has not yet been built entirely, despite the tensions between Rome and Vienna last spring, but the controls of Austrian soldiers have increased a lot and it is said that the barrier to fail if the flow of migrants will not cease as soon as possible.

wall between Macedonia and Greece: Macedonia has built before a barrier and then a real wall to stop the migrants from Greece that crossed its territory with the vain hope of being able to get up in Northern Europe.

Migrants are firm for months in the town of Idomeni line and field management is almost impossible; disastrous hygienic conditions, insecurity and makeshift shacks and tents and unhealthy lack of all make life unbearable.

Poor management of migration flows by the Community authorities has led many Countries to decide to close the borders and if ASAP at Community level will not be taken effective measures to accommodate anyone really needs and fend off economic migrants, for sure we will see the creation of new walls.





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