Privacy on Internet


After the discovery that a hacker attack has violated about 500000 Yahoo search engine account, it must ask the question if our Internet privacy is guaranteed and if there is someone to whom we can turn in the event of serious violations. The attack on Yahoo accounts has unearthed thousands of sensitive data including personal email, bank details, confidential information and also the scanning of the passport of United States First Lady Michelle Obama.

Maybe behind the attack there is a foreign Government, nothing is known because the top of the search engine are not leaked any word, but it is very serious that a hacker may violate without a trace thousands of reserved accounts and post everything on the net without encountering any kind of control. In this blog I have already talked about computer security and how easy it is to get into a stranger’s account to steal sensitive data and personal information, was on April 15, and in recent months our privacy on the Internet has been increasingly threatened and has also been repeatedly shown that photos, documents and videos once posted on the web are for everyone.

Should be adopted as soon as possible new and more effective methods to protect privacy online because our personal data in the wrong hands can turn into real weapons, and at the same time it would take a greater awareness on the part of web users because once your data, documents, photos and videos are on the net is almost impossible to go back : just think of the many cases of people who decided to take his own life for a video posted on social networking sites and ended up in the hands of the bad people.


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