Privacy on Internet

After the discovery that a hacker attack has violated about 500000 Yahoo search engine account, it must ask the question if our Internet privacy is guaranteed and if there is someone to whom we can turn in the event of serious violations. The attack on Yahoo accounts has unearthed thousands of sensitive data including personal … More Privacy on Internet

Privacy su Internet

Dopo la scoperta che un attacco hacker ha violato circa 500000 account del motore di ricerca Yahoo, è inevitabile porsi la domanda se la nostra privacy su Internet sia garantita e se ci sia qualcuno a cui possiamo rivolgerci in caso di gravi violazioni. L’attacco agli account di Yahoo ha portato alla luce migliaia di … More Privacy su Internet

Between cyber security and privacy

Community law called “Passenger name record” was approved after a long debate and public opinion is splitting between conducive to disclosure of your personal information in the name of fighting the terrorism and those who would like greater privacy protection. The latest episodes of terrorism have no place in an urgent safety problem and occurred even a … More Between cyber security and privacy