Clinton vs Trump


The first face-to-face debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has shelved now highlight projects that two candidates have in case of victory and in many aspects their vision of things that should be done is diametrically opposed.
  • Donald Trump has a lowering taxes for small and medium-sized us companies to boost the economy and employment.
  • Hillary Clinton thinks the economic measures proposed by Trump will benefit only the richest and eventually weaken the lower classes.
  • Trump wants us citizens are still freer to carry their firearms and seeks to eliminate some of the current “no guns areas” because according to him citizen groups well armed and trained to use weapons wisely can also thwart terrorist Attacks.
  • Hillary Clinton wants new and stricter rules for those who buy or are already in possession of a firearm and she recalled all the massacres carried out by unbalanced people.
  • Donald Trump wants to put an end to illegal immigration both from Mexico than from Middle Eastern countries at war and this offers the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and a stop to the issuance of visas to Muslims who want to enter in the United States.
  • Hillary Clinton thinks the U.S. Government should give more aid to poor countries and it is fair to accommodate those who make regular asylum application and who are in possession of the requirements.

These are just some of the main points touched by the two candidates for President of the United States and certainly more debates scheduled will be just as exciting.



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