The protest of Polish women


In Poland, women took to the streets protesting for their right to abortion. The Polish Government is discussing the introduction of a new law that if passed would make abortion completely illegal and this sparked a hornets ‘ nest of controversy that led to intense protests from all women, regardless of political orientation and social condition.
Completely dressed in black, Polish women took to the streets to reaffirm their right to dispose of their bodies as they believe and to terminate pregnancy in case of violence, severe fetal malformation and life threatening for the mother and the unborn child. Make it totally illegal abortion, said the protesters, deprives women of their body’s properties and exposes them to the risk of illegal abortions, carried out by unqualified persons in unsuitable environments and with makeshift. Statistics say clearly that in those countries where abortion is strictly regulated and in which there are many doctors objectors, clandestine abortions are many and in most cases take place in private homes without a minimum of hygiene and safety and are practiced by persons without any competence in this area; in these cases the risks for women are very high and there are many who are killed during this operation or immediately after for diseases contracted through inappropriate and non-sterile instruments.
It is not easy for a woman to take the decision to have an abortion because the renounce to a child is a trauma that will remain forever and the guilt is always very clear in the mind of a woman, but there are instances when every woman should be free to make this choice, albeit difficult and painful. We must not think that a woman who terminates the pregnancy is a bad woman who hates children, she is just a frightened woman who happens to live motherhood as a nightmare, maybe after being repeatedly abused.  


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