Reopened the race for the White House


When it seemed almost certain the victory for Hillary Clinton in the presidential elections of the United States, that  will be held in four days, the email gate scandal is putting in serious difficulty the Democratic candidate. FBI Director, FBI is a federal agency that deals with ensuring security within the territory of the United States, a few days ago announced at a press conference that he officially have reopened the investigation about the emails on matters of State that would be passed on the private server of Clinton. Particular attention is paid to communication regarding the terrible facts of Benghazi, in Libya, where the U.S. Ambassador was killed.  

What is reprimanded to Clinton, at that time she was Secretary of State, is to not have been able to handle well the issue of Libya and of not having understood how big was the danger to the Ambassador and to all those who worked in Benghazi for the U.S. Government at the time of the facts. Many people think that if the U.S. Embassy had been evacuated in time, the dead of Benghazi could have been avoided and many people give to Clinton the blame for those deaths.
New York Tycoon Donald Trump is riding the wave of scandal email gate and he is convincing many voters that he is the right man to be elected as next President of the United States: the reopening of the investigation by the FBI couldn’t have come at a better time to revitalize his campaign and rekindle the hopes of his supporters.
The fact that the African American community so far has not mobilized as much as it did four and eight years ago for the election of Barack Obama, is not a good sign for Clinton who always put everything right on the vote of minorities and African Americans in particular. Even Donald Trump, despite being in a period of extraordinary comeback, might be in trouble because in the Republicans traditionally loyal State of Utah is emerging the figure of Evan Mc Mullin, a Mormon former CIA agent, who is having a great ascendency on voters and is likely to do and see in Trump precious votes.
We’ll known the name of the winner in four days, but this campaign has already gone down in history as one of the most violent and fought by candidates, which have not been spared the low blows and there has been talk of more personal scandals of candidates that the real electoral program.




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