The European Commission agaist the food waste


The European Commission has launched a new platform to prevent as much as possible food waste, a large global plague that daily affects thousands of tons of food still good that are thrown in the dustbin. Across Europe food waste covers all areas in which we cook and consume the food, both the home, both catering and end up in garbage bins many foods that could be donated to those most in need.
In the world there is a paradox that about 800 million people suffer from hunger, while in richer countries tons of food scraps become expendable again: with all the wasted food you’ll easily feed millions of people suffering from severe food shortages and thus create a model of sustainable development.
Our planet fails almost more to ensure that food production is sufficient for all and for this it is essential to learn how to use the leftover food to the needy or donating them using them again to cook new dishes. Food waste starves even more those who already do not have enough food and impoverishes our planet: the economic impact of food waste is really devastating and takes away precious resources to the economy that could be used in other ways.
Most of the food waste is done in house and that is why the European Commission is fighting for policies that help consumers not to buy more food than necessary and to read the labels to know within that time the foods can be eaten: in some cases the expiration date is not indicative of the deterioration of food and so many groceries that end up in the dustbin could be safely consumed without risk to health.
Only in Italy are being wasted on 17% of fruit and vegetables purchased, 15% of fish, 28% ofpasta and bread, 29% of eggs, 30% meat and 32% of dairy products: a great loss to the economy that can no longer be tolerated in any way.

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