A year of war

A year of war in Ukraine. A year of terror, a year of sorrow and bewilderment. We never thought a year ago to see weapons again in the heart of Europe. We thought that with the end of World War II such a thing would never be repeated, instead we are witnessing scenes of pain, … More A year of war

Against the war

The day the power of love will overcome the love of power… the world will discover peace. Mahatma Gandhi. Good morning May this little phrase of Mahatma Gandhi inspire all those who at this moment are fighting for their freedom, for their independence, for their children and grandchildren. It is 2022 and we can no … More Against the war

Military spending in Africa, transparency and legality

In Africa, especially in the sub-Saharan area, the spending on armaments is a real rebus. Political instability, terrorism, armed groups, unscrupulous traffickers ensure that it is practically impossible to know where the weapons are going. Small and large weapons, often very powerful, are lost in this way. They end up in the hands of the … More Military spending in Africa, transparency and legality

War of nerves on Syria

In the night the United States attacked with 59 missiles the Syrian base from where would leave the deadly nerve gas attack that claimed more than 80 civilians, including many women with their children, in the town of Idlib. This is the first attack in Syria and arrived at Trump Administration just hours after the United … More War of nerves on Syria

No respite for Aleppo

China and Russia vetoed United Nations Security Council resolution that would ensure a full week total ceasefire to Aleppo to allow rescuers to provide appropriate care to the civilian population. The draft resolution of the truce had been proposed by the United States and was under consideration by the United Nations for several weeks before … More No respite for Aleppo