Christmas terror


Last night the terror is plumbed on Berlin‘s Christmas markets: a truck arrived on high speed crowd destroying some kiosks and causing 12 deaths and about 50 injured, some seriously.
The dynamics of events is still unclear but it seems that the truck has embarked on the Avenue of markets at full speed at a time when the traditional Christmas stalls were very crowded and it‘s crashed into the crowd of innocent people, including many tourists arriving in Berlin especially to admire the typical kiosks and spend the holiday season differently. The facts are very similar to those which occurred in Nice last July 14 when a truck crashed into a crowd who admired the fireworks on the Promenade des Anglais and this made for lean investigations for an attack orchestrated by ISIS and then accomplished by one or more persons more radicalized on the web.
The suspects became a certainty with the passing of the hours: the truck there was a guy of Pakistani nationality, asylum seekers in Germany, which is deliberately plunged into the crowd with the intention of hitting more people as he could. Already a few minutes after killing two other young men, also pakistani, were arrested and at the crack of dawn have taken the bolt handle also for the guy driving.
The security measures in all the Christmas markets of Germany were strengthened, and the same is happening to South Tyrol’s markets like those of Bolzano, Merano and Bressanone, but nobody wanted to close the Christmas event to make it known to terrorists that the Western world and not only will not bend to their dirty blackmail.
Yesterday was a day of blood in Turkey: the Russian Ambassador in Ankara was riddled with bullets while attending the inauguration of an exhibition of modern and contemporary art; in this case the attack was committed by a policeman radicalized and converted to crazy ideas of ISIS that she cried about wanting to avenge the deaths of Aleppo before being himself eliminated by Turkish security forces.
The international tension is sky high and this will be a Christmas truck, where you can never be complacent and we cannot tell us safe from danger of new bloody attacks.


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