What year will the 2017


The 2017 has just started and already we have to mourn the victims of a terrorist attack: the disco Reina in Istanbul the year began in the worst way with an attack of one or maybe three terrorists who shot wildly into the crowd of young people who were celebrating the new year between jokes and dancing. Once again affected was the city of Istanbul, which is considered to be the crossroads between East and West with its strategic geographic position and its many monuments that are visited each year by thousands of people from all over the world.
Istanbul attack shows that even this year the fight against self-styled Islamic State will continue and will be very tough and very long yet: the militiamen in black of the self-styled Islamic State does not give up easily and the international coalition will face still long battles before defeating them permanently. The Middle East remains a very unstable, with many problems and conflicts still going from old hatreds and old grudges never dormant, to which were added the revolts of Arab springs which soon became outright civil wars.
Nobody can say for sure when the Syria, Iraq and Libya will again become Countries at peace, in which all the ethnic groups live together in harmony, but certainly the story of these three tortured countries will be geopolitical agenda again this year.
Regarding the Syria now 2017 there will still be many fights between Coalition and Islamic State and will have to be made much effort to find a ceasefire agreement throughout the territory accepted by all forces in the field. Important to understand what the future political and institutional structure of the country and what will be the role of Assad.
In Iraq the biggest battle will be for the reconquest of the city of Mosul which is still in the hands of self-styled Caliphate, with inhabitants flees used as hostages and human shields. The protection and restoration of the high dam will be the biggest challenge for those who fight against international terrorism and for our country in particular because the work will be carried out by the company Trevi di Cesena and our military will address the protection of workers.
The Libya must regain its national unity and the new Government of Serraj will try to reconcile all the ethnic groups present in the country and stamp out the trafficking of weapons and humans who are spreading throughout the Libyan territory by smugglers and unscrupulous warlords.
On January 20 will take office at the White House the new administration Trump and there will be for sure surprises both in domestic politics than foreign policy, with a possible rapprochement between United States and Russia after the frost of the last few months of Obama‘s Presidency.
In many European countries there will be elections and their outcome you will know if the people of Europe still have confidence in institutions or will choose to vote Eurosceptic parties and xenophobic behaviour on long wave of what happened in the United Kingdom with the Brexit.


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