Trump’s warning to the world

Last night came the news that the United States have launched the super MOAB bomb, the most powerful among the non-nuclear weapons, on a basis of ISIS in a remote province of Afghanistan: the goal was to eliminate as many militiamen jihadists as possible and destroy underground bunkers that Islamists use to communicate and run away if attacked.
The bomb weighs about 10 tons and is able to blow up even the most explosive of which reinforced because the underground tunnels is full can penetrate even the most resistant concrete leaving no chance to the terrorists that are hiding in the tunnels. When is the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. military, is in their possession since 2003, and had never been used in combat, only during some tests in desert places near military bases equipped.
What they wanted to show the United States launching this powerful weapon against the self-styled Islamic State?
  • the United States intend to continue the fight against international terrorism with even more force until even the last jihadi will not be defeated;
  • the United States wants to prove that they are and will always be the first world power;
  • this is a warning to Russia because it means that the United States to bomb strategic objectives they deem do not need anyone’s consensus, as was the case with the strike into Syria against Assad and this means that Russia must stop supporting the Syrian dictator as requested by Washington;
  • this is a warning to China, which needs to do more to contain the nuclear threat of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un;
  • this is a warning to North Korea itself, because the launch of the bomb suggests that if the Pyongyang regime will dare to strike with whatever weapons the United States or its allies must be prepared to pay the price.
These, in a nutshell, might be some of the reasons that pushed Trump and U.S. military commanders to launch the MOAB in times like this where the international tension is high and the global geopolitical balance are delicate.


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