Stop burqa in Germany

In Germany was passed a new law that prohibits public women employees who perform work in contact with people wearing the burqa, the Islamic full veil that covers entirely the woman’s face and not let slip even look. With the new German law has just been approved Islamic women performing public tasks should show the face also will be banned and all symbols indicating membership in a particular religious belief.
This is not the first time in a European country, we talk about banning the burqa; years ago in France had broken out the controversy should be allowed or not Muslim women to wear a veil and some mayors of very famous seaside resorts of the French Riviera had also decided to ban the swimsuit called burqini because too opaque. After a short time the idea of bans, however, was abandoned because some human rights associations protested as detrimental to everyone’s personal freedom to choose how to dress.
Now it was the turn of Germany also imposes a ban on that cover the face in public places, even if only partially, because outside working hours every woman shall be free to choose if he wants to wear a veil or not. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere explained that this law is meant to be a way to explain to people of different cultures from the West that tolerance and acceptance have limitations.
Parliamentary elections will be held in Germany in September to choose a new Chancellor and with this new legislation, it seems that the Government wants to run for cover after the many criticisms and protests against the open door policy of Angela Merkel. A tightening in the policies of hospitality also means putting a levee to the rise of the far-right xenophobic party AFD that is getting many plaudits in the early polls on voting intentions.


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