Death of Al Baghdadi: a story without an end

The leader of the sestative Islamic State Al Baghdadi would have been eliminated by the Russians in a raid near Raqqah on May 28 while attending a meeting with some of his loyal: this is the news just released by the Russian media.

It has not yet been possible to verify whether the news is true or just a fake, because on the fate of the black Caliph since the war began they began to circulate the most disparate voices: eliminated in a blitz of the U.S. Special Forces, wounded in an attack with the drones, crushed under the rubble during a bombardment, victim of a conspiracy plotted by his own men and much more. of mysteries and legends around the charismatic figure, in negative, the leader of ISIS has flourished many and it is not excluded that many stories have been invented on purpose to feed the myth to attract new recruits willing to commit suicide acts to please him in all and for everything.

The false news that has chasing since the war on terrorism began on the leaders of the jihadist organizations make it comfortable for many: to the same Islamists because fueling the legend of mysterious warlords push the youth to join their cause, and also to the countries of the Western coalition because boast to be the state that defeated the enemy brings fame and prestige Worldwide.
The United States and Russia have hired almost a race for those who succeed first to identify and eliminate in Baghdadi, the public enemy number one, because they know that this will depend on their future influence on the Middle East, and especially on Syria and Libya. These two countries, now divided into their interior and torn by fighting, they will have to decide their future political and institutional structure after the war and the country that will have defeated the enemy will be in the position of advantage in the negotiations and can expand its sphere of influence in the delicate geopolitical equilibrium of the Middle East with consequent advantages.


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