The strange summer of climate change

This summer of 2017 will be remembered for the extraordinary highs and lows of the climate that are causing serious damage to agriculture and also to human health because exceptional waves of hot and abrupt temperature lowering due to sudden strong thunderstorms harm a great deal to our organism.
We have just come out of an unprecedented heat wave that has brought the temperatures to rise up to touch spikes of 40 degrees in some cities and now we are preying on an intense disturbance with big thunderstorms, hail records and air trumpets that resulted in huge damage especially in the northeast. If until a few days ago the enemy from which to protect himself was the sun combined with a high humidity rate that made the temperatures perceived well over 40 degrees, now we need to be alert to lightning and flooding due to storms with unprecedented force, increasingly similar to tropical storms.
There is no doubt that all this is due to the climatic changes of anthropogenic origin that have profoundly transformed our planet by retiring the Mediterranean-type summers we have always been accustomed to and them with tropical summers, where intense hot and strong thunderstorms alternate not leaving the organism and the plants time to adapt.
Sudden rises and temperature lowering, hailing with big beans such as a golf ball or even more and other extreme weather events, until a few years ago unknown to our Mediterranean climate, are on the agenda. Global warming has transformed our classic summers into tropical summers and consequently even the classic summer thunderstorms have become increasingly extreme and more destructive.
Most likely this summer we will have waves of heat and extreme phenomena like never before; Suffice it to think that temperatures especially in the north have fallen by almost 20 degrees from the beginning of the perturbation that led to lightning and hail to make it by masters.




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