The scam of the Tallinn summit

A few days ago in Tallinn, Estonia’s capital was held an important European summit that in the intentions should have given a clear answer to the problems that the community project is experiencing in recent times, with particular regard to immigration. On the Italian coasts every day ships laden with thousands and thousands of refugees fleeing from their lands in Africa due to hunger, wars and famines and the situation of the reception is now collapsing.
The reception centres are full well beyond the maximum available places and the clashes between migrants and local people are on the agenda and even the migrants themselves can no longer live in inhuman conditions in overcrowded places; It is clear that such a situation is untenable and that we cannot go on like this. The government, in the person of the Minister of the Interior, only a few days ago had threatened to block the ports and prohibit the berthing of the ships of foreign non-governmental organisations if even the other European states were not soon charged with the problem.
A system of quotas and allocations for which migrants should have been identified and then distributed throughout the European territory had been decided in the European Union, thus easing the pressure on Italy and Greece, the countries that welcome the greatest number of desperate fleeing through the Mediterranean route. In the reality of the facts, this system has never left because the other Member States of the European Union have always turned their heads on the other side and have never accepted to be charged with almost any of the migrants who would have to accept.
Spain, France, Germany. Malta, Austria and even small Luxembourg have reiterated that they do not intend to open their frontiers to migrants and have made only empty and useless declarations of solidarity; Austria has also deployed four armoured military vehicles at the Brenner border to prevent access to those who attempt to enter the country through Italy.
As it was predictable even at this summit in Tallinn have not been taken important decisions to solve the problem of migrants and that at the end there was no solidarity of the other European States; at the end for Italy and Greece this appointment was just another European scam.


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