Overshoot Day

On August 2, 2017, only two days ago, the overshoot day arrived, which symbolically reminds us that all the natural resources of the planet for this year are over and that humanity is living on credit, on the shoulders of future generations.
This day every year always comes first and this means that humanity is using and wasting too many natural resources and does not allow our planet time to regenerate according to the usual rhythm of seasons and natural cycles.  Many of the natural resources that our planet Earth offers are used badly or even worse wasted and the current pace of exploitation of our blue planet is not really more sustainable, and already there are the first signs that invite us to be more aware of our consumption.
Deforestation to make places for agricultural land, agriculture and breeding too intensive, the great waste of water is just some of the behaviors that are leading progressively to the destruction of the resources that our land offers us. More sustainable cultivation and more animal-friendly breeding, more efficient water pipelines and targeted irrigation without waste could be valuable solutions for the preservation of nature.
The human ecological footprint is untenable for the natural rhythms of our planet, so much so that we would need at least two planets to continue to consume at the current rate, which is obviously not possible.
More conscious eating habits and waste recycling are now priorities to save the Earth from the definitive degradation: less waste and less pollution also contribute to improving our health and protecting us from serious illnesses.
This strange summer that is divided between waves of unprecedented heat like the one we are experiencing in these days and sudden thunderstorms that always look more like tropical storms is already a clear and unmistakable sign that to save the Earth time is about to expire and that we must stop squeezing the planet as a preliminary without thinking about the consequences.


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